Police Release Waffle House Fight/ Shooting Tape & 911 Call In Georgia! DAMN SNITCH!!!

 rz (2009-08-02 at 19:33:15)
 dis woma is shit at emercency calls mn. .

 fuck off (2009-10-30 at 15:27:47)
 is he a black male :| fuckign racsit bitch .

 g (2009-11-09 at 16:11:34)
 not really the woman on the fone is dumb shes watchin this shit like its a movie "o he's got a gun" " O" loool .

 lloooool (2009-12-16 at 16:40:09)
 loooooooooooooooool....is y is it so important if he was a white male or black.. .

 cool kat (2010-09-08 at 17:43:46)
 they will be dead b4 the law gets there... .

 rassclart g (2010-08-16 at 11:38:13)
 all u man r gassd da fed on da fone was da wun hu was dumb da rude dum pig n da breddaa got kllapppd loool .

 fuckemall (2010-02-24 at 12:30:44)
 because dirty niggers are ruthless bastards, there are some good blacks, but the majority are violent motherless cunts .

 uman r dumb (2010-07-27 at 08:22:03)
 nah its so they know hu they r looking 4 wen they get there u dumb dumb people .

 me (2011-02-02 at 10:30:21)
 it looks like jaja binks from star wars wrote these comment. cant understand g-funk. speak english. .

 me (2011-02-02 at 11:08:12)
 messa saysa yousa stupida. why cant blacks speek normal? grow up people. .

 @fuck off (2011-02-06 at 06:23:03)
 she says is he a white or a black male? how is that racist? .

 bash sgc (2011-06-20 at 09:45:16)
 dajjal is coming soon akhis its got nothing to do with blacks and whites .

 Vince (2011-07-25 at 14:41:19)
 Sure this was a Waffle House? Looks more like a typical evening in the White-House kitchen!! .

 DOES IT FUKING MATTER WT COLOUR HE (2011-09-05 at 11:41:01)

 dre (2012-07-17 at 00:43:56)
 nigga shit. always some nigga shit. .

 escobar (2012-07-03 at 09:00:31)
 the women on the phone is so fuckin dum. askin white or black male you fukin stupid bitch just sent the police to the place. every thing is done and she is still askin questions. stupid bitch emergency calls. .

 LDNVillain (2013-03-09 at 13:30:32)
 "Is he a black male or white male" ?? like that question is really gonna help in predominantly black georgia .

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